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Hi Everyone!

Its cool to find a Forum like this, not many available! sorry to type in english, my french is quite bad LOL1
anyway, My name Ivan, I am a former boxer fight1 ( sort of ) but never try stuff like stroids etc...

Well, now i,m getting old ( just a little bit :roll: ) so I decide that never is late to try new things.

I,m 175cm, 72 ,as i said before former boxer, and some other trainnings, mostly cardios exercises, but many times I hit the gym to do some weights ( kind of like it now )

I did see interesting tipics in this forums, I will read through, maybe I can get an answer of the question that I have about what is better, the peptides of steroids......mmmmm! I dont want to gaing much mass so....just get lean....dont know!!

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Re: Presentation Cypress182

Welcome here mate.

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